Professional Practice Guidance for social work during Covid-19

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BASW has developed Professional Practice Guidance for social work during Covid-19.

We would like to hear your feedback on the guidance – what can we improve, does anything need adding or updating?

BASW guidance has been developed in consultation with practitioners, managers, academics and sector leaders to help social workers and their employers manage social work during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The guidance includes home visits, end of life care, safeguarding, hospital social work, social work in multi-disciplinary and multi-agency contexts, and more.  You will find all of the guidance and resources here.

We are constantly reviewing and updating the guidance to ensure it stays relevant and we want to hear from members to help us shape the guidance too.  

Please do add comments below to feedback your thoughts on the guidance.

We welcome BASW members to log-in prior to completing the survey - but this is not essential. All responses will be treated in confidence. 

What guidance do you want to feedback on?
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How can we improve? What would you like to see changing, adding or updated in the guidance?
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