Social worker

4. RIGHTS, JUSTICE AND ECONOMIC WELLBEING - Advance human rights and promote social justice and economic wellbeing

Social workers recognise and promote the fundamental principles of human rights, social justice and economic wellbeing enshrined in national and international laws, conventions and policies. These principles underpin our practice and we use statutory and case law effectively in our work. We understand and address the effects of oppression, discrimination and poverty. Wherever possible, we work in partnership with people using services, their carers and families, to challenge inequality and injustice, and promote strengths, agency, hope and self-determination.


  • routinely integrate the principles of and entitlements to social justice, social inclusion and equality in my practice, and with support as needed, consider how and when challenge may be required 
  • routinely apply the law to protect and advance people's rights and entitlements, identifying and highlighting situations where interpretations of the law are neither proportionate nor fair to promote autonomy and self-determination 
  • apply the principles and entitlements of human and civil rights to analyse, evaluate and challenge interventions that are unlawful and/or disproportionate 
  • analyse differing needs, perspectives and competing rights and apply to practice 
  • enable and support people to consider and pursue a range of options that may enhance economic status (through access to education, work, housing, health services and welfare benefits) 
  • where appropriate, set up and/or enable access to effective independent advocacy
  • promote strengths, agency, hope and self-determination in people using services, carers, families and communities and support them in raising their own challenges and finding solutions to inequality, social injustice and rights violations.

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