Social worker

1. PROFESSIONALISM - Identify and behave as a professional social worker, committed to professional development

Social workers are members of an internationally recognised profession. Our title is protected in UK law. We demonstrate professional commitment by taking responsibility for our conduct, practice, self-care and development. We seek and use supervision and other professional support. We promote excellent practice and challenge circumstances that compromise this. As representatives of the profession, we safeguard its reputation. We are accountable to people using services, the public, employers and the regulator. We take ethical decisions in the context of multiple accountabilities.


  • am able to meet the requirements of the professional regulator 
  • actively promote the profession and its reputation in a growing range of contexts 
  • understand that social work is an international profession with a global definition that supports my professional identity, ethics and practice with diverse communities in England 
  • take responsibility for obtaining regular, effective supervision from a professional supervisor/manager to ensure effective practice, reflection, continuing professional development and career opportunities 
  • maintain professionalism in more challenging circumstances 
  • manage workload more independently, seeking support and suggesting solutions for workload and demand management difficulties 
  • maintain appropriate personal/professional boundaries in more challenging circumstances 
  • make skilled use of self as part of my interventions 
  • maintain awareness of own professional limitations and knowledge gaps and seek to address these
  • establish a network of internal and external colleagues from whom to seek advice and expertise 
  • routinely promote wellbeing at work and self-care for myself and others
  • promote excellence in practice and raise and address issues of poor practice or inadequate working conditions for professional practice, internally through the organisation, and then independently if required. 

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