Social worker

9. PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP – Promote the profession and good social work practice. Take responsibility for the professional learning and development of others. Develop personal influence and be part of the collective leadership and impact of the profession

We develop and show our leadership, individually and collectively, through promoting social work’s purpose, practices and impact. We achieve this through diverse activities, which may include: advancing practice, supervising, educating others, research, evaluation, using innovation and creativity, writing, using social media positively, being active in professional networks and bodies, contributing to policy and taking formal leadership/management roles. We promote organisational contexts conducive to good practice and learning. We work in partnership with people who use services and stakeholders in developing our leadership and aims for the profession.


  • contribute to and promote the development of practice, taking the initiative to test and evaluate new and existing approaches 
  • promote social work’s purpose, practice and impact within my organisation, with colleagues, including those of other disciplines, and more widely where appropriate 
  • contribute to the learning of others, including social work students and ASYE 
  • I may undertake Practice Educator training 
  • contribute to collective/collaborative professional leadership through participating in or initiating purposeful peer support, social work forums and meetings within and/or outside my organisation 
  • take responsibility for seeking, planning and undertaking ongoing professional development and use diverse platforms and opportunities within and outside my organisation/work setting. 

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