End of first placement

8. CONTEXTS AND ORGANISATIONS - Engage with, inform, and adapt to changing organisational contexts, and the social and policy environments that shape practice. Operate effectively within and contribute to the development of organisations and services, including multi-agency and inter-professional settings

Social workers are informed about and proactively respond to the challenges and opportunities that come from changing social, policy and work contexts. We fulfil this responsibility in accordance with our professional values and ethics, as individual and collective professionals and as members of the organisations in which we work. We collaborate, inform and are informed by our work with other social workers, other professions, individuals and communities.


  • with guidance, recognise that social work operates within, and responds to, changing economic, social, political and organisational contexts
  • with guidance, understand legal obligations, structures and behaviours within organisations and how these impact on policy, procedure and practice, and service user and carer experience
  • with guidance work within the organisational context of my placement setting and understand the lines of accountability
  • understand and respect the role of others within the organisation and work effectively with them
  • take responsibility for my role and impact within teams and with guidance contribute positively to team working 
  • understand the inter-agency, multi-disciplinary and inter-professional dimensions to practice and, with guidance, demonstrate partnership working.

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