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2. VALUES AND ETHICS - Apply social work ethical principles and value to guide professional practices

Social workers have an obligation to conduct themselves and make decisions in accordance with our Code of Ethics. This includes working in partnership with people who use our services. We promote human rights and social justice. We develop and maintain our understanding of the value base of our profession throughout our career, its ethical standards and relevant law.


  • demonstrate confident and critical application of professional ethical principles (using the Code of Ethics) to decision-making and practice, supporting others to do so using a legal and human rights framework 
  • model and support others to reflect on and manage the influence and impact of own values on professional practice and the skilled use of self 
  • provide guidance and support to analyse, reflect on and work with ethical dilemmas 
  • ensure my practice is underpinned by commitment to working in partnership with people who use services, carers, families, communities and networks, wherever possible. I negotiate and establish boundaries to underpin such partnership, using transparency and honesty
  • promote service user and carer participation in developing service delivery
  • promote and advance, wherever possible, an individual's right to autonomy and self-determination, providing support, guidance and challenge to others to promote human and citizenship rights and entitlements
  • demonstrate skills in the sensitive exploration of issues of confidentiality, privacy and information-sharing in complex or risky situations, offering support and guidance to colleagues in managing such dilemmas. 

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