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7. SKILLS AND INTERVENTIONS - Use judgement, knowledge and authority to intervene with individuals, families and communities to promote independence, provide support, prevent harm and enable

Social workers engage with individuals, families, and communities, working alongside people to determine their needs and wishes, and what action may be helpful. We build productive working relationships and communicate effectively. Using our professional judgement, we employ appropriate interventions, promoting self-determination, support, protection and positive change. We develop and maintain skills relevant to our roles. We understand and take account of power differentials and use our authority appropriately. We evaluate our own practice and its impact, and how we improve outcomes for those we work with.


  • communicate skilfully and confidently in complex or high risk situations. I model and help others to develop excellent communication skills in diverse contexts 
  • sustain and model engagement with people in fluctuating circumstances and capacities, including where there are negative responses, rejection of help, hostility and risk 
  • be able to gather information quickly and effectively so as to inform judgement for interventions including in crises, and in response to challenge, or in the absence of complete/sufficient information 
  • use assessment procedures discerningly to inform judgement 
  • maintain and expand a range of frameworks for assessment and intervention 
  • demonstrate skilled use of a range of frameworks for assessment and intervention 
  • actively support, initiate and co-produce community groups and networks for the benefit of people using services, carers and families 
  • support the development of professional groups and networks 
  • contribute to the development of my organisation’s information strategy and systems 
  • model and help others with appropriate information sharing 
  • model and help others to manage changing circumstances 
  • recognise and appropriately manage the authority inherent in your position 
  • anticipate, assess and manage risk, including in complex cases, and support others to develop risk management skills 
  • undertake assessment and planning for safeguarding in complex cases, and help others with safeguarding skills. 

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