End of last placement/completion

8. CONTEXTS AND ORGANISATIONS - Engage with, inform, and adapt to changing organisational contexts, and the social and policy environments that shape practice. Operate effectively within and contribute to the development of organisations and services, including multi-agency and inter-professional settings

Social workers are informed about and proactively respond to the challenges and opportunities that come from changing social, policy and work contexts. We fulfil this responsibility in accordance with our professional values and ethics, as individual and collective professionals and as members of the organisations in which we work. We collaborate, inform and are informed by our work with other social workers, other professions, individuals and communities.


  • keep abreast of changing policy, political and professional contexts at local and national level, and take account of these in practice and my workplace 
  • work effectively within my own organisation and identify and influence relationships between my organisation’s culture and procedures, the demands of practice and wider changes in my context (eg changes in local communities and wider society) 
  • work to and explain the relevant legal structures in the organisation, including basic case law; I know when and how to access support and appropriate legal advice and consultation 
  • explore, identify and communicate to supervisors, leaders and managers how organisational practice can improve to support better social work practice and citizen outcomes 
  • keep abreast of changing roles and services in the organisation, recognise, value and engage with other specialist perspectives 
  • am confident about my role in the team, working positively with others. I draw on and contribute to team working and collaborative support wherever possible and provide social work advice to support colleagues’ practice 
  • take an active role in inter-professional and inter-agency work, building own network and collaborative working.

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