Advanced social worker

1. PROFESSIONALISM - Identify and behave as a professional social worker, committed to professional development

Social workers are members of an internationally recognised profession. Our title is protected in UK law. We demonstrate professional commitment by taking responsibility for our conduct, practice, self-care and development. We seek and use supervision and other professional support. We promote excellent practice and challenge circumstances that compromise this. As representatives of the profession, we safeguard its reputation. We are accountable to people using services, the public, employers and the regulator. We take ethical decisions in the context of multiple accountabilities.


  • meet the requirements of the professional regulator 
  • model the social work role, promote social work and decision-making within and outside the organisation 
  • promote awareness that social work is an international profession with a global definition that supports my professional identity, ethics, evidence base and practice with diverse communities in England 
  • model and use critical reflective skills in leadership, management, practice or organisational supervision settings to enhance my own and others’ practice 
  • model and demonstrate professionalism, ensuring professional social work standards are maintained throughout my area of responsibility 
  • model and take responsibility for the positive use of workload tools, using workload data to inform the organisation’s workload management and risk management approaches 
  • model and help others to maintain professional/personal boundaries and the skilled use of self in complex situations 
  • maintain awareness of own professional limitations, knowledge gaps and conflicts of interest, actively seeking to address issues for self and others 
  • develop and maintain a network of internal and external colleagues, with whom to seek and share advice, expertise and new developments in social work 
  • foster and support an environment that promotes learning and practice development within the workplace, providing social work supervision as appropriate 
  • foster and maintain a work environment which promotes health, safety and wellbeing and self-care for self and others 
  • identify and collaborate to resolve concerns about practice, following procedures as appropriate 
  • contribute to the development and implementation of procedures that are fit for purpose, enhance best practice and contribute to better outcomes
  • take responsibility for seeking, planning and undertaking ongoing professional development and use diverse platforms and opportunities within and outside my organisation/work setting. 

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