Levels Within The PCF

There are nine levels in the PCF from student to NQSW to the strategic social worker level. The levels relate to the complexity of work that someone with the identified capabilities would be able to manage.

Read an overview of the broad expectations of students and qualified social workers here:

Understanding what different levels mean in the PCF

Read about the first four levels that relate to student social workers :

Student level descriptors within the PCF

Read about the next three levels that relate to qualified social workers :

ASYE, social worker and experienced social worker level descriptors

Read about the last two levels that apply to advanced and strategic roles :

Advanced and strategic level descriptors

Progression between levels is determined by people's abilities to manage issues such as complexity, risk and responsibility in a range of professional settings. You can find out more about the issues that will need to be considered for progression here :

Progression between levels