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End of First Placement

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Social workers are members of an internationally recognised profession, a title protected in UK law. Social workers demonstrate professional commitment by taking responsibility for their conduct, practice and learning, with support through supervision. As representatives of the social work profession they safeguard its reputation and are accountable to the professional regulator.

  • Recognise the role of the professional social worker in a range of contexts
  • Recognise the important role of supervision, and make an active contribution
  • Demonstrate professionalism in terms of presentation, demeanour, reliability, honesty and respectfulness
  • With guidance take responsibility for managing your time and workload effectively
  • Be able to show awareness of personal and professional boundaries
  • With guidance recognise your limitations, and how to seek advice
  • Recognise and act on own learning needs in response to practice experience
  • Show awareness of own safety, health, well-being and emotional resilience and seek advice as necessary
  • Identify concerns about practice and procedures and how they can be questioned.