Capabilities Within The Framework

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Contexts and Organisations

Social workers are informed about and pro-actively responsive to the challenges and opportunities that come with changing social contexts and constructs. They fulfil this responsibility in accordance with their professional values and ethics, both as individual professionals and as members of the organisation in which they work. They collaborate, inform and are informed by their work with others, inter-professionally and with communities.

  • Taking account of legal, operational and policy contexts, proactively engage with your own organisation and contribute to its evaluation and development
  • Proactively engage with colleagues, and a range of organisations to identify, assess, plan and support to the needs of service users and communities
  • Understand legal obligations, structures and behaviours within organisations and how these impact on policy, procedure and practice
  • Be able to work within an organisational remit and contribute to its evaluation and development
  • Understand and respect the role of others within the organisation and work effectively with them
  • Work effectively as a member of a team, demonstrating the ability to develop and maintain appropriate professional and inter-professional relationships, managing challenge and conflict with support.