Capabilities Within The Framework

Experienced Social Worker

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Social workers are members of an internationally recognised profession, a title protected in UK law. Social workers demonstrate professional commitment by taking responsibility for their conduct, practice and learning, with support through supervision. As representatives of the social work profession they safeguard its reputation and are accountable to the professional regulator.

  • Be able to meet the requirements of the professional regulator
  • Model the social work role, set expectations for others and contribute to the public face of the organisation
  • Expect supervision that covers practice, organisational and management aspects of role, applying critical reflection throughout
  • Model and help others to demonstrate professionalism
  • Model and help others with effective workload management skills
  • Model and help others to maintain professional/personal boundaries and skilled use of self
  • Maintain awareness of own professional limitations and knowledge gaps. Establish a network of internal and external colleagues from whom to seek advice and expertise
  • Contribute to a learning environment for self, team and, colleagues. Practice Educator Standards Stage 2 Domain D (see also capability 9)
  • Recognise and seek ways to promote well-being for team and colleagues
  • Promote up to date expectations about practice norms, identifying and helping resolve poor practice issues.