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Strategic Level

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Social workers are members of an internationally recognised profession, a title protected in UK law. Social workers demonstrate professional commitment by taking responsibility for their conduct, practice and learning, with support through supervision. As representatives of the social work profession they safeguard its reputation and are accountable to the professional regulator.

  • Be able to meet the requirements of the professional regulator
  • Model the social work role at a senior level, taking a strategic approach to representing and promoting the profession within and outside of the organisation
  • Model and use critical reflective skills in management, practice or organisational supervision settings to enhance your own, others and the organisation’s strategic outcomes
  • Model and demonstrate professionalism, ensuring professional social work standards are promoted and enhanced throughout the organisation
  • Identify and quantify the social work and other resources required to support the work of the organisation
  • Take responsibility for the implementation and evaluation of workload tools. Ensure the organisation’s workload is actively monitored and evaluated, taking action to promote positive solutions
  • Model the sophisticated use of self, and professional/personal boundaries in a range of complex situations, and ensure policies and procedures recognise or reflect this approach
  • Maintain awareness of own professional limitations, knowledge gaps and conflicts of interest and actively seek to address issues for self and others
  • Maintain a professional and strategic network of internal and external colleagues, with whom to seek and share advice, expertise and new developments in social work
  • Create and sustain an environment that promotes learning and practice development, facilitating research within the organisation and with strategic partners
  • Create and sustain a work environment that promotes health, safety and well-being of self and others across the organisation
  • Create and maintain a culture where concerns about practice are effectively dealt with, including reporting to the regulator as appropriate
  • Take responsibility to ensure that organisational procedures are relevant, reflect effective practice and contribute to better outcomes.