BASW offers a number of e-learning and webinar* opportunities to contribute to your professional development throughout the year.

Social Work History Network

BASW England 80-20 Campaign

  • BASW England 80-20 Campaign: Pre-Birth Social Work Webinar
    This 80-20 event will provide lessons for social workers who work, or expect to work, with expectant parents. We will hear both the perspective of someone who has experienced pre-birth social work and hear the lessons from research and case work with women around pre-birth assessments and infant care proceedings.

Social Work Employment Services

Talk to SWU

Social Work History Network 

Relationship Based Practice Week

Book Week Scotland 2020

Listen again social work webinars

Digital Summit

  • BASW held a Digital Summit on 1 October 2019 to mark the launch of the Professional Development Programme, find the recordings for the three webinars below along with links to the accompanying learning materials;

    1. Movement for Social Approaches in Mental Health webinar
      This webinar looks at social approaches in mental health and refers to current research and evidence.

    2. The First 1000 Days webinar
      The Alcohol and Other Drugs Special Interest Group discusses impact of alcohol and other drugs between conception and aged 2 years.

    3. "What next for social work with older people?" webinar
      This webinar considers the importance of social work with older people, why this area of work needs particular expertise, and current developments in adult social care that impact on social work with older people.

80-20 Campaign webinar series - Relationship-based practice: working with children and families

See more on BASW's campaign activity in the Campaign Section

Take a look at some of our other webinars available below.

*BASW produces webinars to provide a platform for a range of perspectives across the social work sector. It does not necessarily reflect the views of BASW.