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BLOG: BASW Vice Chair - Stand Up for Social Work by Joining Us

BASW vice chair Maggie Mellon explains why social workers should join their professional association.

13th August 2015

SASW report – May 2014

SASW's monthly report of events, activities and developments in social work in Scotland

17th April 2014

SASW report – March 2014

SASW's UK report for the March issue of PSW, featuring a range of issues the Association has been engaged in over the past few weeks, as well as things that are coming up soon.

17th February 2014

SASW report – February 2014

SASW's UK report for the February issue of PSW, featuring a range of issues the Association has been engaged in over the past few weeks, as well as things that are coming up soon.

17th January 2014

SASW secures South Ayrshire clarification after 'bedroom tax' letter scare

SASW has received assurances from South Ayrshire council that parents struggling with 'bedroom tax' arrears are not being threatened with having their children removed, following a Daily Record article about letters being received by some claimants. Responding to the article, Scots council chiefs threaten to evict struggling parents over bedroom tax arrears.. AND report them to Children's Services (2 November), SASW Manager Trisha Hall has spoken to Executive Director of Care Services, Harry Garland, a former BASW member, who has explained that the intention was to support parents in need but that a review of the correspondence would be undertaken.

8th November 2013

BLOG: SCRA statistics – Social workers remain the key players in continuous assessment of risk

As the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA) publishes its annual report and statistics, SASW Manager Trisha Hall assesses what the findings say about social work.

6th November 2013

SASW Report – July/August 2013

The long awaited legislation to create integrated service provision is now with the Parliament and the Health Committee has asked for initial written evidence by 2 August. SASW will be preparing its submission in the last week in July so your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated. While many sectors are already planning for services that are integrated across disciplines, it will be very important for the detail of the legislation to be right so that the people who use services get the best possible provision.

5th July 2013

SASW Report – May 2013

The month before the school summer holidays always seems a busy time as we try and clear our desks to take that much needed recreation time before the Autumn settles in, which as gardening books will tell you starts in August in Scotland.

21st May 2013

SASW Report – April 2013

SASW Scotland BASW Uk Report May April 2013 Annual Members Meeting MHO Study Day Legislation and policy developments

19th April 2013

BASW calls for social workers and judges to get same protection as celebrities

Following a successful campaign to take down a number of online hate sites ‘naming and shaming’ social workers and family court judges engaged in the protection of vulnerable children, the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and its trade union arm the Social Workers Union (SWU) is asking for these professionals to receive the same concern from the police as recent high profile figures.

3rd October 2012

SASW report – July/August 2012

SASW's Tim Parkinson offers a round up of events related to the Scottish Association of Social Work and the wider profession over recent weeks.

20th July 2012

Blog: Sexual exploitation of children

BASW member Janet Foulds has written a Guardian blog "Child grooming – what social workers should know".

21st May 2012