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The Power Threat Meaning Framework: a radically different perspective on mental health

The Power Threat Meaning Framework: a radically different perspective on mental health

16th February 2018

BLOG: Stability Index

BASW England Country Manager, Maris Stratulis, writes blog on the Stability Index. The ‘Stability Index’ led ‘by the Children’s Commissioner’s Office is an important measurement of stability for children in the care of each local authority involved in the pilot. The stability index measures number of placements, school moves, and change of social workers experienced by children in care.

31st January 2018

With cuts deepening and the impact of austerity biting, your role to make a difference becomes even more important

With cuts deepening and the impact of austerity biting, your role to make a difference becomes even more important

20th December 2017

Mike Bush: I set up an inter-professional support network so under-pressure workers won't suffer a breakdown like I did

Mike Bush: I set up an inter-professional support network so under-pressure workers won't suffer a breakdown like I did

18th December 2017

BASW interviews Sarah Champion on CSE, the media and Government failures in social care

BASW interviews Sarah Champion on CSE, the media and how the Government is failing social care

26th September 2017

Three recent reports all lead to the same conclusion: under-investment is undermining crucial services and putting more children at risk

Three recent reports all lead to the same conclusion: under-investment is undermining crucial services and putting more children at risk

18th August 2017

BLOG: The vital role of social work at end of life

Gerry Nosowska explains the importance of social work to good end of life care.

24th March 2016

BLOG: BASW elections – Vice Chair Maggie Mellon reflects on her time in office

BASW elections – Vice Chair Maggie Mellon reflects on her time in office

13th February 2016

BLOG: Integration with health will not be the answer to the social care funding crisis

BASW Professional Officer Joe Godden assesses how the Care Act is working in practice.

17th December 2015

BLOG: #JusticeforLB campaign represents the many, not the few

BASW Professional Officer Joe Godden says the #JusticeforLB campaign has given a voice to adults with learning disabilities.

17th December 2015

BLOG: BASW Vice Chair - Stand Up for Social Work by Joining Us

BASW vice chair Maggie Mellon explains why social workers should join their professional association.

13th August 2015

BLOG: Is progress being made on the implementation of the Care Act?

BASW Professional Officer Joe Godden reflects on the initial stages of Care Act implementation

4th August 2015

Blog: BASW expresses hesitant support for ‘Devo Manc’

As Chancellor George Osborne today signs off a £6bn deal dubbed ‘Devo Manc’ to give Greater Manchester control of its health budget, BASW professional officer Joe Godden assesses the pros and cons.

27th February 2015

BASW England report – February 2014

BASW England's report for the February PSW

22nd January 2014

BLOG: Human Rights Day 2013 - Mandela was the ultimate social worker

As Human Rights Day is celebrated all over the world today, BASW Professional Officer Nushra Mansuri pays tribute to Nelson Mandela. She writes …

10th December 2013

BASW England Report – January 2014

BASW England report – January 2014 ... message from Maris Stratulis (new BASW England Manager), Media Coverage, Alcohol and Other Drugs Special Interest Group Event and Membership Involvement ...

5th December 2013

BLOG: Concerns remain but staying until 21 decision means greater equality for young people in care

BASW Professional Officer Sue Kent welcomes the news that looked after children can stay with their foster carers up to the age of 21 years rather than be forced to become independent at the age of 18 but queries why young people in residential care have been left out.

5th December 2013

BLOG: Current model of homecare commissioning alienates social workers from providers and care workers

BASW Chief Executive Bridget Robb offers her view on the current model of homecare commissioning.

5th November 2013

BLOG: Help us to be family as well as carers, Mr Hunt

In a speech to the National Children and Adults Services Conference (NCAS) in Harrogate last week, health secretary Jeremy Hunt said residential care should be is “a last rather than a first option” as British people should follow the example of people in Asia, by taking in elderly relatives. BASW England Manager Ruth Cartwright, offers a response.

21st October 2013

BLOG: Orchid View – a pretty name hiding an awful scandal

As West Sussex coroner Penelope Schofield rules that neglect contributed to five out of 19 deaths at Orchid View care centre, and that the then Southern Cross run home was riddled with "institutionalised abuse", BASW professional officer Joe Godden looks at what went wrong.

21st October 2013

BLOG: IROs must remain central to the care process

Sue Kent, BASW Professional Officer,looks at research findings from the National Children's Bureau (NCB) and The Nuffield Foundation suggesting that Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs) are struggling to do their jobs.

22nd August 2013

BASW England report – September 2013

BASW England report – September 2013 ... missing children, Daniel Pelka, IROs, Duty of Candour, Mental Capacity Act, NOPT Conference and Ruth Cartwright bids farewell ...

16th August 2013

BASW England Report – July/August 2013

In June, Nushra Mansuri attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Children, featuring the launch of a report called Are Children and Young People Getting the Opportunities they Want? This flagged up issues about the health of children, with startling facts presented by varying bodies. Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, reported that by 2020 child poverty is likely to increase by 800,000. There has been a 21% decrease in the number of children who are in prison this year, but England holds the European record for the youngest age a child can go through the criminal justice system.

5th July 2013

BLOG: BASW – CQC “cover-up culture” must end

As the Care Quality Commission (CQC) hits the headlines for failing to properly inspect maternity and children’s services at NHS Morecambe Bay, and for suppressing a critical report, Ruth Cartwright writes…

24th June 2013

BLOG: International Missing Children's Day - We must make children aware of the dangers without ruining their childhoods

Social worker Janet Foulds writes on the release of the PACT/ CEOP report Taken,which calls for a revamp of ‘stranger-danger’ warnings in the wake of findings which show that in 42 per cent of police reports studied, the abductor or would-be abductor was not known to the child.

24th May 2013

BASW England Report – May 2013

Sadly child sexual exploitation is in the news wherever we look at the moment, whether in relation to criminal trials concerning the murder of young girls, the prosecution of gangs of men (Oxford being the latest), or historical abuse (celebrities and North Wales children’s homes). Sue Kent represented BASW last month at a roundtable event led by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), where she shared the views of members of the BASW Practice Group on Child Sexual Exploitation about the prosecution process. We know that the present system can see those who have suffered undergo further abuse during cross examination. This has to stop to ensure more convictions of offenders and better protection for the young people who have bravely come forward. A consultation will be launched in the summer and BASW will be responding.

21st May 2013

BLOG: Care inquiry – We need a cultural change in how we perceive children in care

As the Care Inquiry publishes its findings of an eight-month inquiry into the care system by eight leading children’s charities, including the Fostering Network, TACT and the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, BASW professional officer Sue Kent examines the issues.

1st May 2013

BLOG – Labour’s plans a ‘recognition of the centrality of social care in wellbeing’

BASW professional officer Joe Godden on Labour’s plans to launch an independent commission led by former Department of Health specialist Sir John Oldham to investigate how best to integrate health and social care.

23rd April 2013

BLOG: DPP to be congratulated for recognition that justice system is failing sexual abuse victims

Following the failings identified by the Jimmy Savile case and the exploitation of young girls by gangs, the director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer QC has called for a new approach to tackle child sexual exploitation prosecutions, so that claims are taken seriously and cases are not dropped at an early stage. Mr Starmer has been quoted as saying police and Crown lawyers need to change the way they deal with cases of alleged sex abuse to avoid “another Savile moment.” BASW professional officer Sue Kent, who will be attending a roundtable meeting with the DPP to discuss proposed reforms, explains.

7th March 2013

BASW – We need a sensible debate on welfare reform, not underhand attacks on benefit claimants

In a Huffington Post blog, BASW’s press officer assesses how the media is being used to promote the government’s proposals on welfare reform by demonising benefit claimants such as mum of 11 Heather Frost. Ms Frost hit the headlines after claims that she has demanded a £400,000 ‘eco mansion’ be built by Tewkesbury council.

21st February 2013

BLOG: Relief that decision reached on Dilnot must not gloss over flaws

BASW professional officer Joe Godden assesses the latest incarnation of the Dilnot report.

13th February 2013

Sue Kent - Tracing birth families on Facebook can have a devastating impact

Writing for the Guardian Social Care Network, BASW professional officer Sue Kent examines how Facebook is increasingly being used for unplanned communication between adoptive and birth families.

13th February 2013

BLOG: Children must not pay price of targets to reduce time on care proceedings

BASW professional officer Sue Kent examines the issues raised by a new report from the Child Protection All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), that highlights a family courts system under extreme pressure.

13th February 2013

Bridget Robb - Social workers at Mid Staffs must ask why they didn't blow the whistle

Writing for the Guardian Social Care Network, BASW's acting chief executive Bridget Robb explains why the Mid Staffs NHS scandal is also a disgrace shared by the social work profession.

6th February 2013

BLOG – deregistration threat to social work role should not be ignored

Following reports that 8,425 from an estimated 88,000 social workers have not registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in England, BASW professional officer Joe Godden is calling for action to prevent an erosion of social work identity.

10th January 2013

BLOG: Troubled families? Or troubled stats?

Writing in the Huffington Post, BASW's press officer debunks the stats being used to promote the Troubled Families initiative.

19th December 2012

BLOG: In Support of Nurses

BASW England Manager Ruth Cartwright on why the social work profession should support nurses.

10th December 2012

Autumn statement: Bridget Robb - Don’t ask social workers to save lives with no resources

As Chancellor George Osborne unveils his autumn statement, BASW acting chief executive Bridget Robb considers the implications for social workers in a blog for Community Care.

5th December 2012

BLOG: Frontline scheme is no laughing matter

Andrew Ellery, Social Worker and BASW member, assesses the Frontline scheme.

16th November 2012

BASW England's October – Mariella Frostrup, soap operas, the 'adoption tsar' and much more besides ...

BASW England's monthly round-up of activity, this month placing a particular focus on the team's extensive media work, featuring across the airwaves and print media on a host of high profile subjects.

15th October 2012

BASW calls for social workers and judges to get same protection as celebrities

Following a successful campaign to take down a number of online hate sites ‘naming and shaming’ social workers and family court judges engaged in the protection of vulnerable children, the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and its trade union arm the Social Workers Union (SWU) is asking for these professionals to receive the same concern from the police as recent high profile figures.

3rd October 2012

Blog: It’s got to be Dilnot

BASW England manager Ruth Cartwright responds to today’s press reports of a government U-turn on social care funding for the elderly.

16th August 2012

Changes to adult social care laws could make life easier for social workers

BASW England's Joe Godden considers the impact of law changes proposed in the adult care white paper on assessments, eligibility and more.

12th July 2012

Blog: Sexual exploitation of children

BASW member Janet Foulds has written a Guardian blog "Child grooming – what social workers should know".

21st May 2012

Blog: Why the Draft Care and Support Bill was more disappointment than relief

My initial reaction to news that the Draft Care and Support Bill had made it into the Queen’s Speech was one of relief followed by disappointment that there was no mention of attempting to resolve the thorny issue of funding.

10th May 2012

New regulatory standards place unreasonable expectations on social workers

BASW has raised concerns that proposed proficiency standards for social workers would place unreasonable expectations on newly-qualified social workers.

7th November 2011

Concern at HPC plans for voluntary student register

The Health Professions Council (HPC) has launched a consultation on whether it should keep a voluntary register for social work students.

7th November 2011

University of Bedfordshire Publish Research on Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation

The University of Bedfordshire have published a report entitled ‘What’s Going on?’ into safeguarding children and young people from sexual exploitation.

7th November 2011