BASW: Coventry CC is right to urge social workers to "Do It For Daniel"

As Coventry City Council today launches a hard-hitting ad campaign to recruit social workers that references the death of Daniel Pelka, BASW's Chief Executive has praised the initiative.

The adverts use the strapline "Do it for Daniel" and an image of an empty swing in a children's playground. A designated website has also been set up where potential recruits can register their interest.

BASW Chief Executive Bridget Robb said: “I have been impressed by Coventry City Council’s willingness to deal openly with the impact that Daniel’s tragic death had both on its staff and on the people of Coventry.

“Coventry’s Chief Executive has been regularly meeting with social workers and listening to their concerns. We see this advertising campaign as the latest step in a necessary process of healing so that Coventry can provide a strong child protection service for its most vulnerable citizens.

“Councils often face criticism for citing confidentiality as a reason why cases cannot be discussed. This is a straight-talking campaign that turns this notion on its head and provides reassurance for potential recruits to the department that hard truths will be acknowledged by children’s services at Coventry.

“Daniel Pelka, and all children who have suffered at the hands of adults, should not be forgotten, but the reality is in order to protect children we need more skilled social workers in the field.

“The imagery used in these adverts is emotive but many children’s charities use emotive imagery to get their point across to the public.

“Coventry should be congratulated for this campaign; it is brave, incredibly honest and highlights the complexity of the work that social workers are doing every day to keep children safe.”

Published : 8th September 2014

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