BASW: PCF review ‘first step in wider discussion’

BASW CEO Bridget Robb has described the publication of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) review as ‘the first step in a wider discussion of its future’.

As the preferred bidder for the College of Social Work (TCSW) assets, BASW is currently in discussion regarding the transfer of ownership and hosting of the PCF once TCSW officially closes at the end of September.

The PCF review was commissioned by the government before the TCSW closure announcement and was prompted by a range of changes in the professional and policy environment for social work, including the introduction of Knowledge and Skills Statements from the two Chief Social Workers.

Incorporating the views of practitioners and stakeholders across the country, the final report makes a series of recommendations, including:

  • PCF level descriptors should be enhanced and made a focal point for signposting and integration;
  • Domain 9 - Professional Leadership  - is reviewed so that it encompasses a broader and more up to date definition of leadership, and establishes a coherent relationship with the Knowledge and Skills Statements for practice leaders and practice supervisors.
  • Joint statements are developed to explain priorities and relationships between the PCF and other guidance, including the Knowledge and Skills Statement for Child and Family social work, the Knowledge and Skills Statement for social workers in Adults Services and the Health and Care Professions Council Standards of Proficiency for Social Workers in England.
  • Visual presentation of the PCF is improved, and the refreshed version is disseminated widely.

Commenting on the review publication, BASW CEO Bridget Robb said: “The PCF was developed by the social work profession in England and has proved its value to employers and universities. This review marks the first step in wider discussion as to the future of the PCF and helps shape the next stages in its development.

“The PCF was written by the profession for the profession. BASW is going to take a close look at what the profession’s vision for the PCF should be and those discussions will include both employers and practitioners.

“The review of the PCF was curtailed by the announced closure of the College. BASW is currently in negotiations with TCSW about the transfer and will make further statements once those are concluded.”

Read the PCF review in full HERE



Published : 11th September 2015

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