The Mental Health Group provides a safe space for mental health students and social workers from all backgrounds to:

  • Prioritise mental health issues from the BASW England Business Plan and actions to be taken in response to legislative and operational issues impacting on social work, social workers and the communities they support.  This has involved working groups on the Mental Health Act review and Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill.
  • Uphold BASW principles on equal opportunities and anti-oppressive practice in mental health education, practice and evaluation.
  • Respond to local and national issues and developments by contributing to consultations, working parties/groups outside BASW, using alliances with other groups and links with the media.
  • Contribute to BASW policy development and to raising standards in mental health practice.
  • Support social workers in practice by developing, commissioning or otherwise support good quality education and practitioner research opportunities in mental health.
  • Provide support and linkage to other relevant BASW groups and external groups/stakeholders.

Email for more information about how to get involved.