BASW Membership Pricing

The rates for BASW membership are provided below and are effective from October 2014 to September 2015. Fees for BASW and SWU are currently under review.*

Membership Category

Monthly Fee

Monthly Fee
After Tax Relief **

1. Members in the UK who have been qualified and who have worked in a social work post for over 5 years £20.80 £16.64
2. Newly qualified*** (50% discount for the first post-qualifying membership year after graduating)

*** Only available to previous BASW student members
£7.43 £5.95
3. Members in the UK who have been qualified and have worked in a social work post for less than 5 years £14.85 £11.88
4. Members in the UK working part-time (less than 25 hours per week) £14.85 £11.88
5. Members not in remunerative employment (category does not include indemnity cover)   £9.95 £7.96
6. Students studying towards a degree level social work qualification £4.38 £3.51
7. Fully retired (retiring after 1st October 2012 and a BASW member for 5 years prior to retirement) £8.49 £6.80

Optional for categories 1,3 and 4

Independent Basic (additional monthly fee) £5
Independent Plus (additional monthly fee) £15

Parental leave - A 33% discount applies for those in working categories (1,3 and 4 above) on maternity or paternity leave for up to 12 months, from the date of notification. Please do contact us immediately when you are due to go on leave. Discounts are not available retrospectively and only apply to your base membership.

** TAX RELIEF will vary according to the tax situation of each individual member. The illustration above shows the net cost of membership after tax relief for someone paying income tax at the basic rate of 20%.

* From October membership of SWU will have an annual fee of up to £20 and we will be collecting an annual fee of £2 for the International Development Fund.

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