What we offer social work education providers and students

BASW is working with providers to offer professional support and activities designed to support social work education programmes, plus a discount of 15% for student group membership.

University offer

Through our specialist professional teams in each country of the UK, BASW visits and builds relationships with social work programmes across the UK.

Universities can be part of a dynamic policy and research network.  And with the 2021 REF submission quickly approaching you can use BASW networks to spread and demonstrate the impact of your work.

Download our University Social Work Education Provider Affiliation Scheme flyer to share

Added value

We can offer much more to enrich your students’ experience, your curriculum and your events if you become a BASW Affiliate University.

Offering BASW membership for your students is a key selling point for your programme – and you will be part of our mission to create a stronger, more confident and better represented profession for the future.

By working with BASW, we can together introduce students to the importance of being members of their professional association and the individual benefits, protections and opportunities this offers.

Students can access all relevant resources and services as full, voting members of BASW.

This includes:

  • Receiving Professional Social Worker hardcopy magazine
  • A discount scheme for a wide variety of purchases and services
  • Free and low-cost events, webinars and online learning
  • Specialist advice and representation in workplaces and in education
  • Professional indemnity insurance worth up to £5m
  • 70% off the British Journal of Social Work and Practice journal and much more
  • The opportunity to be involved in the development of the profession with their peers.

Continuous professional development and learning

We promote continuous professional development and learning for practising social workers, academics, managers and leaders.

Members can tap into our extensive professional and development opportunities as well as professional peer support, networks of experts in diverse areas of practice and leadership, and lots of professional inspiration through opportunities to be involved in the development of our profession.

How to join

Criteria and terms 

  • As a University providing social work education you can sign up to the BASW student group membership to secure a discounted 15% off the normal student membership fee for groups of 30 students or more.
  • Groups of less than 30 students are welcome – please contact the BASW membership team for details on what we can offer
  • 15% discounted student annual membership fee
  • Students must be studying for a social work qualifying degree or higher degree to be eligible.
  • Once the group membership has been put in place, students sign up in their own right and become individual members.
  • Membership will run for one calendar year.
  • The scheme can be set up to run for multiple years, in line with degree courses.
  • Should a student discontinue with their relevant social work programme, it is the responsibility of the university and/or student to advise BASW of their membership resignation so that we can adjust the membership.
  • BASW has the right to review membership fees and will inform you in writing of any changes.

Signing up

The relevant lead contact in your University completes a short form to confirm the number of students they wish to sign up and for how long

Return the form to membershipmanager@basw.co.uk

We will write to you with instructions on how the scheme works. This will include:

  • A link to a specially developed online form for your students to complete – we will ask you to share this with your students.
  • BASW will also request a list of student IDs for those being signed up, so that we can validate their discount. Details to be sent to membershipmanager@basw.co.uk 

Students will have 30 days to sign up via the online form. After 30 days from close of sign-up, BASW will invoice the university for the discounted student fee.