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SASW shares consultation feedback

The SASW team have been busy this month responding to consultations on areas affecting social work practice in Scotland. Read our submissions and next steps below.

Progress made to implement the Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce recommendations (11 May 2022). A call for evidence from the Scottish Parliament’s Criminal Justice Committee, Health, Social Care and Sport Committee and the Social Justice and Social Security Committee for views on the actions that have been taken to implement the Taskforce’s recommendations and the impact they have had. All three committees have secured a debate on the issue which will take place in the chamber next Tuesday (31 May) afternoon. 

National Strategy for Community Justice (20 May 2022). Our response to the Scottish Government's revised National Strategy for Community Justice. The government wants to refresh the strategy, which was first published in 2016, with a focus on early intervention and alternatives to prosecution; community sentences and alternatives to remand; access to services; and the mechanisms of community justice for those working in the sector. The new strategy is expected to be published before summer recess at the end of June.

Scottish Carer's Assistance (21 May 2022)The Scottish Government is proposing a new Scottish Carer's Assistance, delivered by Social Security Scotland, to replace Carer's Allowance. The new benefit is an opportunity to provide fairer and greater support for unpaid carers, points that we have stressed in our response. The Scottish Government will now develop a policy which will need to be shared with Scottish Commission on Social Security, who provide independent advice on social security regulations, before going to parliament for approval.

Mental Health Law Review (26 May 2022). Proposals for changes to mental health and incapacity law from the Scottish Mental Health Law Review. They want to in bring mental health law in line with the ambitions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The review will now publish a set of recommendations for the Scottish Government by the end of 2022.

Upcoming Consultations

Health and Social Care Strategy for Older People (closing date 19 June)

Children's Care and Justice Bill (closeing date 22 June)

If you have any views on the upcoming consultations, please contact our Policy Officer on and help shape our responses. Thank you!