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Prevention of Homelessness Duties Consultation

The Scottish Government and COSLA are currently consulting on proposals for new prevention of homelessness duties. Some of the proposals will have an impact on social work and so it is vital that the views of social workers are heard in the consultation process.

SASW will be submitting a response to the consultation on the following four key areas: 

  • Duty of public bodies to ‘ask and act’
  • Primary responsibility for assisting homelessness 16 & 17 year olds
  • Discharge from institutions
  • Changing the right to secure permanent accommodation to accommodation that is stable and secure

More information about the consultation and the proposals for new prevention of homelessness duties can be found here:

We would like to hear your views. How will the proposed changes impact on your work? Do you have any concerns or are you supportive of the proposals? Your views will help to shape our consultation response and ensure that the voice of the social work profession is being heard by the government.

Please submit your views to our Policy Officer, Jonny Adamson, on by Tuesday 29th March. The consultation process ends on Thursday 31st March.