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National Day of Reflection 2022

BASW is supporting the UK national day of reflection on 23rd March 2022

On 23rd March, BASW is joining together with the nation to support the National Day of Reflection.

This is a day to connect and support the millions of people who are grieving and remembering family, friends and colleagues we have lost over the last two years.

We are inviting BASW members to join with us.  Here are some ways you can be involved:

  • Take a minute to reflect
    At 12 noon on 23 March, we’ll come together to honour loved ones who have died and reflect on the challenges we’ve overcome by observing a nationwide minute of silence.  Please do join if you are able to, or take a minute when you can.
  • Watch the video reflecting on the last two years with speakers CEO Ruth Allen and Denise Turner
    BASW CEO, Ruth Allen, and Senior Lecturer, Denise Turner, reflect on the pandemic, the impact on loved ones, colleagues and everyone’s lives and the impact on social work as part of the national day of reflection.
National Day of Reflection 2022 with Ruth Allen and Denise Turner | BASW
  • Shine a light at 8pm on 23rd March 2022. 
    Join together with the nation to light up the night.  This might be a light in your window or standing outside.
  • BASW will be supporting a wall of reflection for social work
    More to be shared on the 23rd March.
  • Show your support
    Wear a daffodil or display spring flowers in your window
    Use social media.  Use #DayOfReflection and tag @mariecurieuk and @BASW_UK
    You can also see more resources and events including what's happening near you via the Marie Curie website