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National Care Service Policy Panel Meetings

The Scottish Government is hosting a series of online monthly policy panel meetings for social workers on the proposals for a National Care Service.

These discussions are specifically for social workers to engage with the policy-making process in relation to the National Care Service. This will build on the recent consultation by going into more detail on particular topics and questions.

The schedule is as follows (all times are subject to change):

Tuesday 1st March (1-2:30pm) - Introductions, what can we all get out of a policy panel, and reflections on the NCS consultation analysis

Tuesday 5th April (1-2:30pm) - Community-based support and community social work + social worker-suggested topic from March meeting

Tuesday 3rd May (1-2:30pm) Routes into care + SW-suggested topic from April meeting

Tuesday 7th June (1-2:30pm)- Career pathways + SW-suggested topic from May meeting

Tuesday 5th July (1-2:30pm) - GIRFE (Getting It Right For Everyone) / cross-sector referrals + SW-suggested topic from June meeting

Tuesday 2nd August (1-2:30pm) - Prioritisation / eligibility + SW-suggested topic from July meeting

Tuesday 6th September (1-2:30pm)- Good conversations + SW-suggested topic from August meeting

A representative from SASW will attend each meeting. We will therefore be issuing a short survey each month from March to seek your views and feedback before each one. If you have anything you would like us to raise at the first meeting, please contact us on

Of course, all social workers are invited and welcome to attend the meetings too. If you are interested in attending, please contact our Policy Officer, Jonny Adamson, on