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Human Rights Act reform: BASW member consultation

All responses need to be received by BASW by Thursday 3 March

The UK Government is consulting on changes to the Human Rights Act 1998 and its proposed replacement with a Bill of Rights. Any reform to the Human Rights Act or the creation of a Bill of Rights would impact all four nations of the UK.

Social workers work with some of the most marginalized people within society, with human rights being central to the profession.

Prior to submitting BASW UK’s response to the consultation, we are consulting with BASW members to seek your views on the government proposals.

The proposals are complex. To maximise responses all members are therefore invited to respond by completing a short questionnaire. In addition, some members may wish to undertake a response based on a specific area of social work expertise, and some members may wish to complete a fuller response based on the Government’s own questions.

** Share your views via our member consultation **

All responses need to be received by BASW by Thursday 3 March. This is so we have time to compile all the responses into one BASW response before the Government deadline. 

Any data you provide will not be shared beyond the BASW Policy and Research Team, and will not be stored.

Further information

At present, the Government proposals are just that, proposals - no legislation has been put before the UK Parliament. Nevertheless, we anticipate a Bill to be put before the Parliament in Westminster once the Government’s consultation is closed.

In the Government’s own words, the changes they are seeking to make are:

  • Respecting our common law traditions and strengthening the role of the UK Supreme Court;
  • Restoring a sharper focus on protecting fundamental rights;
  • Preventing the incremental expansion of rights without proper democratic oversight;
  • Emphasising the role of responsibilities within the human rights framework; and
  • Facilitating dialogue with Strasbourg, while guaranteeing Parliament and the devolved legislatures their proper roles.

You can read the full consultation document on the government website

Members are also able to respond to the government’s consultation without going through BASW – you can do so via the government website