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BASW: the next 50 years - Influencing the future of social work and increasing public understanding

Recordings of our AGM 2021 events are now available to watch

Catch up on our AGM member-led pre-event, which was an opportunity for us to celebrate our profession, as well as reflect on some of the challenges of the past year.

We discussed the work of BASW across several key themes:

  • The independent voice and influence of social work: Loud and proud in policy and the media
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion: An association for everyone
  • Sustainability, environment and climate justice: a social work issue
  • Our role in international social work
  • Heritage project: BASW at 50 years
Watch full session - BASW: the next 50 years

Several snippets of our breakout sessions, based on the above themes, are also available to watch:

Sustainability and climate justice
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Media & policy
International Development