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Austerity Action Group: Remuneration Campaign Gathers Momentum

Fair remuneration is a crucial part of providing equal opportunities

Austerity Action Group - Boot Out Austerity marches on!

The Austerity Action Group (AAG) has instigated a new Remuneration Campaign. This campaign will highlight how simple changes to the rules would mean that more people can be paid to contribute to the development of the services they use and research projects. The Social Workers Union (SWU) – who fund the AAG – and the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) are proud to support the work of this campaign.

As a nation, we rely on the public and charitable services which are available to us and it is vital that they meet our needs. Yet government rules freeze people out of contributing meaningfully to the development of these services.

Arcane tax rules and complex benefits regulations mean that it is difficult for charities, local government, universities, and other providers to remunerate people who want to help shape and improve services.

The AAG recently completed a survey of people with lived experience of the issue. Plans are underway to launch the results of this survey in late September.

In addition, leading charities including Pause, Terrence Higgins Trust, Turn 2 Us and the Young Women's Trust have lent their support to the Remuneration Campaign and a joint letter to the Government is being prepared.