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Are you a social worker with lived experience of mental health issues?

The Scottish Government is looking for social workers with lived experience to help inform the work of the Workforce Specialist Service as they continue to develop it

The Workforce Specialist Service provides confidential mental health assessment and treatment for regulated professionals in health and social care, who, due to the nature of their occupation, experience a higher prevalence mental health issues compared to the general population, and who also can experience barriers to accessing support. The lived experience group for the Workforce Specialist Service will help inform the development of the service, specifically the clinical pathways of the service. This lived experience perspective of those who have experienced mental health issues from the health and social care workforce will allow The Scottish Government to improve the service from the perspective of those who will use it.

The Scottish Government is looking for  social workers who would be interested in taking part in such a group. The only criteria is that they work in social services, and are now in good health after receiving treatment for their mental health issues. The individuals should be comfortable discussing their opinions on the WSS given their experiences of mental health in the HSC workforce. The group will be a closed forum to ensure confidentiality, with the comfort and psychological safety of the members being of the highest importance. They wish the lived experience group to be diverse and reflective of the workforce in all its characteristics.

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