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Hope in Swansea

Ground-breaking App developed by Matthew’s House, a Homeless charity in Swansea.

As if managing to change the way support and food is provided to the homeless in Swansea during the pandemic wasn’t enough for a small charity to manage, they have also managed to gain a prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary services. This is the highest award given to voluntary groups across the UK and this year, it’s gone to Matthew’s House for the way they spearheaded the support to the homeless of Swansea, during the pandemic - a charity which provides hope and hospitality across the city. 

And, if that wasn’t enough for a young charity to achieve, they have just gone and developed an App called “Hope in Swansea” which was the result of the hundreds of conversations they have had with people going through difficult times. Until now support would have been in the form of the spoken word, or handing out leaflets, posters, etc. which need to be updated regularly to ensure that the information they give is accurate and effective. And so, we see the birth of this App – Hope in Swansea. This gives people immediate access to the support they need at a click of a button, which is constantly updated. All the information on Hope in Swansea is uploaded by services themselves and can be updated at any time ensuring that crucial information such as contact details, opening times, and eligibility criteria can be kept up to date. All details will be reviewed and verified by a dedicated team, ensuring the information is accurate. Information on the App is divided into different support types and location with a mapping function which will guide you to the closest identified support. If anyone is concerned for themselves, a friend, or indeed anyone, this App could give them Hope. The aim is that this simple, friendly solution can be used by countless people, agencies, key workers and professionals to find someone Hope just with a few clicks.

Well done to the team of volunteers at Matthew’s House for continuing to support the most vulnerable in our society. The way you support the most vulnerable is a clear indication of excellent values of acceptance, a non-judgmental attitude, compassion, empathy and a determination to fight for individual rights and justice. BASW Cymru is proud to align itself with the work you do.