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Share your views: CQC new strategy and initial proposals for the Quality Assurance of Local Authorities

The BASW England response will be based on key themes identified from member responses

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is consulting on initial proposals about the quality assurance of local authorities in England, introduced through the Health and Care Bill

BASW England is inviting members to share their views on the CQC's new strategy and initial proposals for the quality assurance of local authorities, to help inform our overall response.

In the Health and Care Bill, there are proposals about new responsibilities for the Care Quality Commission relating to assurance that local authorities are meeting their Care Act duties. A document setting out the initial proposals as part of the new strategy has recently been published and is available to download.

The document covers:

  • How CQC are developing their approach to system oversight, in line with the single assessment framework
  • The responsibilities and core purpose of Local Authorities and Integrated Care Systems
  • Key questions they have and unresolved areas

The CQC is requesting thoughts and comments, particularly relating to:

  1. What are the key things they need to consider when looking at quality in systems?
  2. Your general reflections on their thinking so far. Are they missing anything? Do you have any questions? What do you think they should be asking themselves as they develop this work further?
  3. Key questions they still have and unresolved areas

BASW England members - share your views

There are two ways to share your views and perspectives.  The overall BASW England response will be general and based on key themes identified from member responses.