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SASW Team Weekly Roundup

Find out what the team in Scotland have been doing on behalf of members this week

We had a very positive meeting with Jeremy Balfour, MSP, about next steps in setting up a Cross Party Group for social work.  We are currently contacting and working with other MSPs on this. 

Alison met with COSLA and Social Work Scotland where there were short discussions on a wide range of social work issues.  BASW UK held an extended Executive Meeting to begin the business and resource planning for the year October 21 to September 22.

The NQSW conference 2021 took place on 17th May which attracted over 300 registrations. Karin hosted a workshop on “Social Justice- what has that got to do with me?”. Karin also helped to facilitate spaces for NQSWs and students from a range of backgrounds (BAME, disability, LGTBQ+, men, gender, age) to meet and network together, which seemed to be a successful addition to the conference programme.

Sarah and Karin attended a session on “Care, Rights and Covid 19” which highlighted the particular difficulties children and young people in care and care leavers are experiencing during this pandemic.

Work continued on the development of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. 

Lisa has been producing the programme booklet for the Relationship Based Practice in a Digital World event next week, as well as progressing plans with the working group and organising facilitators for the break-out sessions.

Planning has begun on the  SASW Conference in late August/September