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'Ode to the GRT Social Workers Association'

By Peter Unwin, Poet Austeriate

Is ‘Gypsy’ a word considered rude?
Are you a Traveller if you don’t move?
Do Roma come from India?
Or is Romania their home?
Most socials workers just don’t know
For they have not been taught
But Social work is waking up
Such questions to address
About how to work empathically
With families in distress
The Gypsy Roma Traveller
Social Workers’ Group means change
To educate and advocate
Diversity means all
We’ll fight the Anti-Gypsyism
That detracts and makes us small
We’ll lead the way, ensure fair play
The racists won’t endure
We’re on the case, though fences face
We’ll boldly climb all walls
In partnership we’ll steer this ship
And bring respect to all.

Peter Unwin

Poet Austeriate

Originally published November 2020