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BASW vlog: How to put forward a motion at the BASW AGM

The next BASW AGM is taking place on 15 September 2021

In the latest BASW Vlog, Chair Gerry Nosowska is joined by fellow council members Camelia Chowdhury and Ann Moir to explore how members can put forward motions to the BASW AGM.

What is a motion?

A motion is a proposal that can be put forward by BASW members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for BASW to consider to do over the coming year.

The next BASW AGM is taking place on 15th September 2021 – please hold the date, more details will follow on how to book!

Watch the latest vlog

Watch: How to put forward a motion at the BASW AGM

How to put forward a motion

If you would like to put forward a motion for the 2021 AGM, your motion will need to be signed by one member who is the proposer, another member who is the seconder and at least 18 other full members of BASW (please give membership numbers); OR signed by the Chair or Vice-Chair of a National Standing Committee, Policy Ethics and Human Rights Committee, International Committee, or a branch.

You will need to send in proposed motions by 5pm on 14 June 2021 to

We will publish the motions by 20 August 2021.