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Update from Alison Bavidge to Independent Sector and Independent Social Workers

You may know that, over the last month, SASW have been seeking confirmation about the process by which social workers in the Third Sector and independent social workers can access vaccination. 

The Scottish Government has confirmed the means to ensure that social workers (amongst other professionals) working in the independent sector or as self-employed independents can access the COVID-19 vaccine.  The key eligibility criteria  for this pathway to vaccination is that you provide care closely and regularly to, or come into close contact with, those who are clinically very vulnerable to COVID.

This letter from the Director of the Vaccination Delivery asks all individuals to act with honesty and integrity, with those who have professional registration and regulation taking account of their professional code. For members of BASW this means being trustworthy and making your judgement about your eligibility based on the criteria in the letter.   

We very much hope this helps those of you who should be vaccinated to more safely deliver support to the people who need your skills and expertise, especially during this most difficult time.  

Alison Bavidge, National Director