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SASW Team Weekly Roundup

Find out what the team in Scotland have been doing on behalf of members this week

Alison attended the Workforce Senior Leadership and the Adults Social Care Workforce Sub-group and was glad to see the Scottish Government release a letter directed at workers in the Third Sector of self-employed independents about how to access the vaccination and eligibility criteria.  

SASW and Social Work Scotland had their regular meeting where we discussed a wide range of topics including how to support frontline workers to fully use the potential of our SDS legislation so that people using services can benefit and how we ensure our responses to the upcoming Feeley Review of Adults Social Care direct the conversation around the future of social work across all specialisms.

We submitted our response to the All Our Rights in Law Consultation, a national taskforce who are putting together recommendations to the Scottish Government for a new human rights law in Scotland. You can read our response, here

Karin was involved in discussions on how we can continue to progress the Professional Support Service (PSS) here in Scotland. The PSS offers peer-to-peer support for social workers. You ca find more about the service, here. 

SASW is working on comments for the SSSC Draft Standards for Newly Qualified Social Workers. More on this will be shared in due course.