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SASW Team Weekly Roundup

Find out what the team in Scotland have been doing on behalf of members this week

Alison caught up with senior managers at SSSC,  and met with Louise Hunter, CEO at Who Cares?, Claire Burns at CELCIS and Peter Kelly from the Poverty Alliance - all key stakeholders and partners across a range of our activities. Within several pandemic related groups, we have asked for clarity for social workers and social care workers across the independent, public and self-employed sectors to have access to simple and direct government advice on vaccinations and testing.  

Karin hosted inputs to students at the University of Stirling and University of West of Scotland, one on values and one on poverty.

Emily confirmed the attendance of three MSPs for our Hustings in March ahead of the Scottish Parliamentary Elections. More will be shared on this in early February, so watch this space. 

Sarah pulled together the last comments for our response to the Updated Child Protection Guidance guidance Consultation. There's still time for comments, so if you have anything urgent to share please email 

We held our Children and Families Community of Practice on Thursday, which generated interesting discussion and reflections on conducting Child Protection Planning Meetings virtually.

Lisa continued to plan our Safe & Together™ Model CORE Training which will be facilitated by Sarah. This UK wide child centred model derives its name from the concept that children are best served when we can work towards keeping them safe and together with the non-offending parent (the adult domestic abuse survivor). You can register for the training, here.