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New restrictions and unpaid work

Unpaid work can continue under the new Scottish Stay at Home restrictions although distancing requirements may impact the way in which services are delivered.

Unpaid work can continue under the new restrictions based on local authorities ensuring they have updated all relevant health and safety and risk assessments in line with public health guidance and increased social distancing measures given the new, more virulent/transmissible COVID-19 strain.  At this point the Scottish Government is not anticipating a return to the complete withdrawal of UPW as in March 2020.  

Scottish Government guidance notes that “face-to-face services can continue where this is essential”.  However the guidance now also states that only up to 2 people from 2 separate households can meet outdoors for “sport, exercise or social interaction”.  This should be factored in to updated assessments by local authorities.

Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service (as an essential service) has confirmed they are continuing to operate.  Attending a court order is deemed a “reasonable excuse” to leave home and travel (with justice social work also classed as an essential service).

This approach will be kept under regular review by Scottish Government and other stakeholders.