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Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2021

27 January 2021

This year BASW will be supporting Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) – the international day on 27 January - to raise awarness of HMD and remember the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, alongside the millions of other people killed under Nazi Persecution and in genocides that followed in CambodiaRwandaBosnia and Darfur.

In addition to singling out Jews for complete annihilation, the Nazis targeted for discrimination and persecution, anyone they believed threatened their ideal of a ‘pure Aryan race’.

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2021 is Be the light in the darkness.

It encourages everyone to reflect on the depths humanity can sink to, but also the ways individuals and communities resisted that darkness to ‘be the light’ before, during and after genocide.

Please join us on 27 January to support Holocaust Memorial Day: