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SASW Team Weekly Roundup

Find out what the team in Scotland have been doing on behalf of members this week

Alison met with Chief Social Work Adviser, Iona Colvin and discussed the BASW survey's findings in terms of the impact of the pandemic on the capacity of social workers to undertake their role and their wellbeing. Alison raised the importance of ensuring that SASW influences the impact of the Feeley report on the future of the social work profession.  

The Scottish Government invited SASW onto the Oversight Group for the Health and Social Care Mental Health and Wellbeing Network.  We have offered to contribute to a short life working group looking at the support the workforce will require as we move into the next phase of the pandemic. The workforce will need time to recover from the crisis element of COVID, but will also potentially face significant backlogs of referrals and increase levels of need. 

Fulton MacGregor, MSP, wrote to the Scottish Government for us in relation to the most recent childcare guidance, requesting an exemption for social workers on the two key worker rule, due to the nature of their work.

Karin and Emily commented on the draft regulations for Child Welfare Reporters, advocating for a child rights approach. 

Plans are developing for our "Challenging Racism in Social Work" roundtable, due to take place on the 24th of March in honour of World Social Work Week. 

Our Manifesto for the Scottish Parliamentary Elections is complete, and we look forward to officially launching it on the 16th of March - World Social Work Day.