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"Wishing SASW members, all social workers and those we support a peaceful and joyous festive time. You continue to do great work in extraordinary times."

A festive message from SASW National Director, Alison Bavidge

The deaths of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and Star Hobson are still raw in our hearts and each day of advent seems to have brought more news of abuse. There is the possibility of further limits on social contact due to rising omicron levels which, whilst our Government strives to maintain balance, have the potential to bring more isolation, financial pressure and reduce access to those universal services that support us all. We know how dangerous this can be for children and those in domestic abuse situations (Additional Child Protection Guidance).  My thoughts are with you, our members, who are at the forefront of ensuring our communities are safe, that our children get the love and care The Promise so rightly tells us they need and the people who need support to live their lives get what they need. There are challenges ahead this winter. Families stressed by poverty may be stretched even further, pressures on hospitals may again mean that people may not have the discharge process they should.  There may be significant staff shortages in the care services so important in ensuring independence and quality of life. Most of you will have to find ethical pathways that respect human rights whilst working in extremely challenging circumstances.  

SASW will continue to work for you and your wellbeing as you deliver the care and protection that all our citizens need and deserve. The team at SASW hopes you, your families and loved ones find mid-winter cheer and we look forward to seeing and hearing from you again in the New Year.  

You continue to do great work in extraordinary times.