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Findings of Significant Case Learning Review on "Child H" published

Read the recommendations of a Significant Case Learning Review on 'neglect and potential harm' of child in South & East Ayrshire ...

This week the findings of a Significant Case Learning Review (SCLR) in South and East Ayrshire was published. The report refers to the circumstances of ‘Child H’, a 4-year-old who was found to have experienced neglect and potential harm, after being found out alone in 2018. His mother and her partner have since been convicted of neglect.

The main recommendations of the review relate to:

  • Oversight of children’s permanence plans to avoid drift and delay.
  • The need for a trauma-informed approach to building relationships with children and parents, and for children’s views to be actively sought in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Clear case transfer processes and procedures between and within local authorities.
  • Organisational and professional frameworks for decision making, including implementation of the new national Child Protection Guidance.

The review details improvements that have taken place in the time since the concerns came to light, as well as suggested actions for continued improvement. The report is important reading for social workers and can be accessed here:

Draft Terms of Reference for Significant Case Review following death of MK (