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BASW A&R / SWU survey: Ways of working

A new survey on future ways of working by the BASW Advice and Representation (A&R) and SWU Trade Union team

During the pandemic, BASW Advice and Representation (A&R) and Social Workers Union (SWU) officers have been working from home, like all BASW and SWU staff.

They have not been travelling to face-to-face meetings or hearings but have been working entirely through remote videoconferencing and telephone calls.  The service has continued to achieve good outcomes for members.

This way of working will continue until at least the end of September 2021.  

We need to decide what we keep and what we change after that as government guidance and organisational working arrangements change across the UK.

We now need your views on:

  • What it’s been like for members who have used A&R/SWU over the past 15 months
  • How we can best provide the A&R/SWU service for the long-term following the experience of technology in the pandemic
  • Your views on videoconference vs face to face representation and support

Please complete this short survey to help us learn more and improve the service moving forward.