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Assaults on social workers petition will get a Government response

The petition now has over 10,000 signatures

Update (23 April 2021) - BASW has written to Government, asking for an amendment to the Assaults on Emergency Workers Act to include social workers. BASW has also written to Shadow Ministers to ask for their support on this issue. 

The letters to the Home Secretary, Shadow Home Secretary, Justice Secretary and Shadow Justice Secretary are now available to read.

The BASW and SWU petition to tackle assaults on social workers has passed 10,000 signatures, which means it will receive a Government response.

The petition is asking the Government to submit an amendment to the Police, Crime and Sentencing Bill, to make it an additional offence to assault social workers when on duty. 

Currently, professions that it is an additional offence to assault include all frontline emergency workers – except social workers. 

The Bill is due to go to Committee Stage in May, which is when MPs will debate and vote on amendments.