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'Words of Hope 2020' poetry evening.

BASW England Support for Words of Hope online poetry event in support of World Suicide Prevention

'Words of Hope 2020' will be a wonderful evening of positive poetry and some fantastic vocal performances.

The evening is an innovative part of the Greater Manchester suicide prevention programme who are keen to promote hope within communities with the power of poetic words.

We are pleased to share that Liz Howard, BASW England professional officer is involved in this special event.  Liz has been selected to perform online on the night with her chosen poem “When the sky is falling in” by Jane Seskin.

Please join in on Thursday the 24th of September at 7.00pm online at 'Words of Hope 2020'.

Please follow the link below for access to the facebook page on which the evening will be streamed on Thursday the 24th of September at 7.00pm

Live stream on facebook.

Following the event - a recording will be available at the same facebook page.


Poetry: When the Sky Is Falling

by Jane Seskin, LCSW

I must first take

a breath, then visualize someone

who loves me, inhaling hope yet

knowing there are things I won’t

be able to control. 

I can still eat books, music and art 

and have conversations with my

community, where I tell them I 

am grateful for their presence in 

my life and then lift up my arms 

to  sing and dance and laugh, to 

make the noises that affirm my 

stable presence in this world that 

has become so perilous.

I see silence now as a welcome 

friend as I look for and notate a 

daily moment of joy, yet continue

to push back and thru emotional 

discomfort, knowing I will not die 

from allowing the feelings of anger,

sadness and loss to wash over my 


I will welcome the dreams where I

step on a rainbow, extend my hand,

open my heart and give away flowers 

and kindness - for I know that even 

though the sky is falling, my body 


with this gift of being alive. 

Jane Seskin ( is a licensed clinical social worker on Twitter @jsauthorshrink.