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SASW Team Weekly Roundup

Find out what the team in Scotland have been doing on behalf of members this week

National Director Alison attended the weekly meeting of the Justice Board Coronavirus Subgroup hosted by the Scottish Government Justice Hub. The meeting was attended by a number of other organisations, incluidng Victims Support Scotland, Police Scotland, the Scottish Prison Service, Social Work Scotland, COSLA and Community Justice Scotland. The group looks at the issues arising from the pandemic, and the impact across the whole justice system, including justice social work. If you would like to receive the minutes from this group, please email us on and we will add you to the mailing list.  

Our regular meeting with the Chief Social Work Adviser covered a range of issues, including ensuring that SASW have early sight of letters and communications to local authorities and health and social care partnerships so that we can keep members up to date.   

Our Adult Community of Practice on the topic of Collaboration or conflict? The benefits and challenges of integrated and multi-disciplinary working was very well attended. BASW Chair,  Gerry Nosowska attended, sharing her experience from England. The discussion was also enriched by a practitioner/academic from Canada and a practitioner from Mexico apart from our lovely colleagues from Scotland.

We began to strategise on our response to the Consultation on the Updated Child Protection Guidance. More will be shared on this next week.  

We supported the delivery of “Mental Health and Care Experienced Children and Young People”, part of the Festival of Social Science, which featured 3 care experienced young people. The session was powerful and informative. 

Preparations for our MHO Conference continued as the finer details and loose ends being tied up. You can register for the conference at this link. 

Next week marks the start of Book Week Scotland, promotion, technical support and prepapration for the webinars and workshops we have planned continued. Find out what we are doing for Book Week, here. 

We created our first Covid-19 Special Bulletin, updating you on the latest news and reports relevant to the pandemic, as well as signposting to relevant guidance being continually updated on the covid hub on our website. 

Promotion continued for our Racism, Discrimination and Prejudice in Social Work survey which closes on the 9th of December and is open to Scottish social workers from the BAME Community. You can find the survey, here. 

We created a dedicated page for the Independent Review of Adult Social Care, to update members on progress, work we are doing around this. This also includes a link to our position statement.