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BASW Cymru calls for testing for social workers entering care homes

BASW Cymru has been in conversation with the Older People’s Commissioner for last couple of weeks about the appalling number of deaths in care settings. We have also shared our concerns about the essential role of social workers in upholding the human rights of older people and ensuring the voices of older people in care settings are heard. I have this morning once again, raised these concerns in person with Vaughan Gething - Minister for Health and Social Services, asking that the small and easily identifiable numbers of social workers who enter care settings are tested for asymptomatic infection every-time they enter a care setting. This does not seem to us to be an irrational request, given the small numbers of social workers involved versus the catastrophic impact of unknowingly taking the virus into a care setting and not hearing the voices of some of our most vulnerable citizens. Allison Hulmes, National Director, BASW Cymru


The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales wants to hear from older people living in care homes, their friends and family, and care home staff about their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Click the tab below to respond.

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