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World Social Work Day 2020

Lets build a huge online profile for social work together!

For World Social Work Day #WSWD2020 we join with social workers across the UK and worldwide to celebrate and recognise our profession’s vital work across global communities - today and every day. 

The #WSWD2020 theme is Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships

We are dedicating WSWD to collecting and sharing your stories and images of your work.

Stories and messages for World Social Work Day 2020.

Lets build a huge online profile for social work together! 

Join us at 12:30pm for a FacebookLIVE with BASW Chair, Gerry Nosowska and Jude, a member of our Scotland Committee to discuss relationships in social work. 

Get involved!

There are a few ways to get involved:

1. Tell us where you are and what you are doing using Twitter 

  • Link @_BASWUK for twitter
  • Use the hashtags #WSWD2020 #uksocialwork #SWTogether2020
  • Share an image

Let’s bring social work to the fore and share examples that might include:

  • #uksocialwork #wswd2020 supporting our #communities …
  • #uksocialwork #WSWD2020 supporting our #families, #friends and #neighbours #pets……
  • #uksocialwork #WSWD2020 promoting positive #mentalhealth …
  • #uksocialwork #WSWD2020 supporting #......... add our own

2. Or send us a message direct and we can add this to our website – just include a name and what are doing and send to 

3. Share with us on Facebook

4. Share with us on LinkedIn #uksocialwork #WSWD2020

You might be travelling to an appointment, working with your team, with colleagues in the health services, looking after your own family or working within your own community and neighbours – we want to hear from you and see your pictures wherever you are.  Social work is so varied that the examples are endless. 

March 17th 2020 will be a powerful way of highlighting and building real understanding of the vital work you do across the whole world.

WSWD message from Gerry Nosowska - BASW Chair

"Social workers often work in difficult situations. The quality of the relationships we build if often what gets us through.  

"The coronavirus pandemic brings unprecedented challenge and uncertainty in the professional and personal lives of social workers.  It also reminds us of our human importance to one another and how we need to work together – as professionals and as human beings – to protect and empower people most at risk, most worried, most marginalised.  

"Building on the strengths of human relationships and our professional ability to solve problems, social workers are key to societies coping through this all over the world.

"It is vital that you have the support you need to do your job well and safely during this crisis. BASW will support you and be the collective voice of the profession throughout crises and for the long term."

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