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Message to members

Dear members

We want to thank you for the outstanding commitment you have shown in maintaining essential services and support in the most difficult of circumstances. The last two weeks we have witnessed an evolving and escalating response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are now in unprecedented times and are having to rethink how we keep ourselves safe, whilst continuing to provide essential safeguarding, support and services to those in greatest need.

We want to reassure you that we are working at all levels, to ensure you have the right information, support and equipment to undertake your essential roles.

We have set up a Covid-19 information hub on our website which we aim to keep updated with the most current information and advice.

We are also liaising closely with Welsh Government, Social Care Wales and local government leads, to make sure we have answers to questions you have raised through the BASW survey. Please keep completing the survey and letting us know how you are coping, what your concerns are and what help you need.

You can also email any questions or queries via the email.

You can access resources and learning to support you in your practice and we will be starting remote communities of practice to ensure you are able to connect with other social workers, over the next couple of weeks.

Please look out for webinar’s which can also support your practice in especially difficult times.

We send you our gratitude and best wishes to you and your loved ones – stay safe and well.


Allison Hulmes

National Director for Wales